About Us

Welcome to KSS Brand!


KSS Brand is a high quality, women's essential line created by CEO Kristina Stewart. Stewart is a young, Black entrepreneur that focuses on women empowerment and self-care. She aims to contribute to helping young women feel confident, self- assured, and live up to their full potential. 

KSS Brand not only offers sublime lip glosses with a sleek, engaging look for your convenience, but also focuses on healing properties that leave lips feeling rejuvenated. "I want women to not only look good externally, but I also want them to genuinely feel good internally as well."-Kristina Stewart 

To promote this, our CEO implements essential aromatherapy oils such as Chamomile Oil, which is commonly used for health benefits such as anxiety relief and relaxation, as well as Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil used to provide benefits such as skin moisturization, anti aging, and stress relief. 

Our lip glosses are 100% hand made, natural, and organic.

We hope you enjoy everything that KSS Brand has to offer. Our brand aspires to show the world that there is beauty in confidence. Connect with us and start enhancing your natural beauty internally and externally!